2-files.com, our new project on internet security, is up and running, at last. This website will be dealing with… files, as should be evident from the very name of this project. There is a lot of confusion amongst common internet users about which file belongs where and what the file does. The main categories here are "rogue files" and "system files", as these are the main source of confusion when a user finds unusual and unheard-of files in his/her computer. 2-files.com is there to sort these out.

System Files

Ever heard of lsass.exe, msmsgs.exe or smss.exe? What about svchost.exe? You may encounter these and many other files and processes in your Windows Task Manager window. What do they mean? Are they trojans or are they legitimate processes? Look them up in our 2-files.com system files database.

Rogue Files

This category is dedicated to all the malicious pests that may plague your computer if you forget to use that anti-virus or anti-spyware tool. In case of an infection (or just for general education purposes), you may freely consult 2-files.com on these parasites and find all the information available on the latest and most dangerous computer threats.

Although this project is still very young, we hope that 2-files.com will grow to be one of the most useful internet security sites with time.

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