Advanced Virus Protection


Advanced Virus Protection is a scam which makes everyone believe that this program is a legit anti-spyware application. It comes to the PC without any permission and displays security alerts which definitely make you believe your computer is infected. Tricked into this mess, you start thinking about some reputable security application and advertisements about AdvancedVirusProtection are brought on your PC desktop. Of course, like all other rogue antispywares, this one also requires money for the “full” its version.
However, Advanced Virus Protection can’t be trusted in any way. All the scan results displayed by this infection are false and the only thing why this rogue was created, is swindling the money from unaware computer users. What is more, it can slow down your computer and block antivirus software. Pay your attention and don’t purchase this scam. If it happens for you to get this parasite installed to your PC, I would highly recommend you scanning the PC with the reputable security tool and remove Advanced Virus Protection files.

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