A New Version of Antivirus is Spotted!


Antivirus is a tricky malware because it pretends to detect viruses and then offers a way to remove them. If you have already had similar program you will know, that as a solution Antivirus will offer to purchase its fake license. Recently it was noticed a new version of Antivirus, so we predict that it will start its attacks one more time. Don’t fall into its trap!

Both, the new and the older, Antivirus versions spread through Trojans without any user’s approval. Each time people log on, malware’s scanner appears and starts pretending to check computer for malware. Antivirus detects totally fabricated and basically non-existent infections and in order to remove offers purchasing its license. It’s important to know that you don’t need this fake security tool, so you should remove Antivirus as soon as possible. A delay in Antivirus removal may lead to system damage, data theft and PC performance deterioration, so follow the guidelines and get rid of this rogue.


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