Active Security


Active Security is the fake anti-spyware which has the abilities to misinform trustful computer users about the situation of their PCs. This parasite claims that after scanning the machine for malware, tons of worms, Trojans and other undesirable issues are detected, so purchasing the “reputable” commercial its version is urgently needed. ActiveSecurity loads tons of misleading reports and security notifications which all claim that computer’s protection must be increased immediately. After getting these alerts, you are expected to become scared and spending your money for the “licensed” version is expected.
In reality, Active Security is useless and is not capable to detect any kind of spyware. Active Security just imitates scanning actions and declares to find infections which are actually invented by the same rogue. What is more, after you purchase its “full” version, you will notice that computer will start to malfunction instead of acting better. Save your money and don’t take this program serious. Deleting Active Security is heavily recommended for all the PC users who were swindled into this scam.

One Response to “Active Security”

  1. Jan de Jager says:

    It happened EXACTLY as described above !!!

    Monstrously annoying utter (and not to forget dangerous) crap !!!
    It also created icons of pornsites on my desktop.

    I was totally OUT OF CONTROL !!

    An extremely annoying nag-window popped up every minute to “warn” me that there was some dangerous virus on my PC.
    Booting up didn’t help at all because Active Security was already embedded in the booting up procedure and the nag-screens started again and again and again.

    At first I was fooled to think it was Windows Security (it looks so identical !).
    Finally I decided to purchase because I really became scared.
    After the purchase the nag-popup-windows were gone, and about 32 “threats” were removed but ……..

    The performance of my laptop had decreased substancially !

    My own genuine anti-virus program Trend Micro had not detected any of them !!!!
    With hindsight I know why …… because there weren’t any threats !!

    Anyway, I tried to do a normal copy and paste within Windows Explorer which ultimately totally failed !
    Every time I tried I got the message “Windows Explorer has detected a problem and needs to close, sorry for the inconvenience !”.
    And rebooting the Laptop gave the same bloody errormessage over and over again.

    Then I knew my whole system was wrecked by these dreadful clowns !!

    Remedy ??
    I went to the Harvey Norman store, who totally formatted (and thus wiped out my HD) and re-installed Windows-XP !

    Plus ……..

    Thanks to that action the only charge on my Credit-card was my purchase of the “licenced” version of Active Security.
    Of what I know now I am sure they would have totally maxed out my CC !!

    I was so lucky to have all my data backed up (including my Outlook Express emails) just before my laptop became infected however I still had truckloads of work to re-install everything back to where it was.

    And I still have a transaction dispute of course with my bank (purchase of utter crap instead of a genuine anti-virus program).
    Hopefully I get the $85 (AUS) back via my bank in a charge-back on my Credit-card.
    The transaction of that purchase on my CC showed at the end “Riga LV” which I think is a bank in Riga, Latvia, former Russia ………….

    Beware for these very professional criminals who are able to fool most anti-virus programs !
    Without a proper back-up of all of my data and emails (Outlook) my damage would have been gigantic !!!