Adding some latest trends to my sites: QR codes


Internet and the way we use it changes every year. This year we will have a huge changes too. Internet becomes more social, more mobile and we need to keep up with the latest trends. All webmaster now try to think how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest for their businesses, everyone tries to integrate Google+. The new Chalange to all blog writers and all small sites (spammy site at the most) are Google authorship.. Of course the future belongs to the people who are going side by side with all these latest features and ideas.

What I added to my anti-spyware site are QR codes. Sometimes when you sit near the desktop or laptop computer and you see a great resource which you want to read on mobile device, you can simply point mobile camera to it and scan the code instead of typing url on the device. Its more easy.. When you have infected laptop you can read the manual removal instructions on the phone and QR code is the easiest way to get to the source.

Here is the example of QR code ro remove Windows Performance Adviser virus.

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