Additional Guard


Additional Guard is a rogue anti-spyware which is promoted on the “official” website There trustful PC users are aggressively pushed to download the trialware of this scam which starts scanning the system automatically after being installed. Don’t get surprised after noticing AdditionalGuard scanners and security alerts from nowhere. Quite often this rogue breaks into the compromised PC with infected web sources help.

When settled down, Additional Guard seeks only to get the money for using the “full” version of this tool. For deleting viruses that all in reality are made–up or invented by the same scam users are asked to pay either $49.95 or $69.95 or $89.95. Additional Guard traditionally loads tons of annoying notifications and fake alerts to make people believe that their computers are really infected and this rogue is needed.

Be aware and don’t enter, because this site is malicious! What is more, uninstall Additional Guard before it slows computer’s performance and damages the whole OS. Delete Additional Guard without wasting the time!

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