Advanced Defender


Advanced Defender is a fake anti-spyware program that is spread to the systems with a help of malware infections. You will not be able to see how Advanced Defender is infiltrating as it doesn’t require your permission or authorization.
Right after you restart your computer Advanced Defender will run its scanner. The program will fabricate the list of infections in order to make you think you got your computer badly infected. The files that Advanced Defender displays as infections are actually created by the same program right after it was infiltrated. It only proves once again that Advanced Defender is a scam program as it asks for removing the files that was created on its own.

Besides, Advanced Defender creates fake security notifications and pop up ads that announce that your computer is attacked by spyware infections that are able to steal your private data. You must ignore these messages just like the scan results no matter what they state.

Advanced Defender uses very smart tactics to protect itself from being removed. It blocks all executables that you are trying to run. The program displays a message stating that your executables are infected with worm that poses risk to your private data.

As you see, Advanced Defender was created only for one purpose – to steal your money. Find the removal instructions of Advanced Defender once you notice it and eliminate it from your computer for all the time.

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