Advanced Security Tool 2010


Advanced Security Tool 2010 is another rogue antispyware program that belongs to the large family of rogues that secretly infect computer systems through Trojan viruses. The program is installed completely secretly as it doesn’t require to be authorized. Once inside, the program uses its fake scanner and pretends to look for infections.

In reality Advanced Security Tool 2010 doesn’t have the ability to look for infections but only wants to make computer user believe his system is infected and later convince him into purchasing online roulette a full version of the program for complete removal of infections.

Moreover, you will be completely annoyed by the security notifications caused by Advanced Security Tool 2010. These messages are titled as Firewall Warning or Privacy Alert. They announce about some virus detections and recommend blocking attacks by purchasing a full version of Advanced Security Tool 2010 and running full system scan.

Unfortunately, Advanced Security Tool 2010 is not a program that is able to detect or remove anything. It’s a scam created by cyber criminals who only want to rip computer users off.

Do not trust this malicious application and ignore any notifications and alerts mentioning Advanced Security Tool as a reputable antispyware program. Instead you should do all it takes to remove Advanced Security Tool 2010 with a reputable antispyware or manually.

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