Advanced XP Defender


Advanced XP Defender is a regular corrupt anti spyware. It is presented by Pandora Software company which released several other fraudulent products before. Advanced XPDefender is a successor of InfeStop and SpyAway scams. It is malicious and unreliable just like its forerunners. Remove Advanced XP Defender without any doubts.

AdvancedXPDefender may be downloaded manually, but it usually installs itself without any notification. This malware loads pop-ups disguised as security reports. Advanced XP Defender uses these tactics in order to mimic antispyware and gain a purchase. Do not trust Advanced XPDefender and do not spend your money for this useless tool.

One Response to “Advanced XP Defender”

  1. maria says:

    I have purchased this produce, I have been ripped off two amount on my credit card totalling $190.00 what should I do next? cant believe I fell for it!! Any comments on a possible refund would be very much appreciated. kind regards, Maria.