Adware Scanner 2010


Adware Scanner 2010 is another rogue antispyware program that spreads on the Internet and infects computer systems in order to swindle computer users’ money away. The program contains a scanner which is not real but still looks like one while is run on the infected system.

Adware Scanner 2010 infects computers through system vulnerabilities and Trojan viruses. Then it enters Windows Registry and takes over the entire system. It runs the fake scanner mentioned above and displays tons of fake infections. Adware Scanner 2010 states they are extremely dangerous and insists removing them with a full version of a program. You are then asked to make a payment of Adware Scanner 2010.

Some more things to mention is that Adware Scanner 2010 slows your computer down and displays tons of annoying pop up messages giving completely false information about spyware infections detected and promoting Adware Scanner 2010.

Security experts strongly advice removing Adware Scanner 2010 once noticed on your system. Most importantly don’t think about paying for it as you will definitely lose your money.

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