Alfa Defender Pro


Alfa Defender Pro is a rogue antivirus that imitates being a legitimate antivirus program but in fact it’s a creation of cyber criminals who attempt to steal money from you. The application uses Trojan viruses in order to get inside the targeted system. This way the infiltration becomes completely secret and impossible for the computer user to notice.

Alfa Defender Pro imitates all functions of a security tool in order to make computer user believe that the system infected. The application uses fake scanners and runs them with each system reboot. After a while it generates a list of threats supposedly detected on your system. In fact this list is falsified. Alfa Defender Pro wouldn’t be able to detect anything. The program only wants to make you believe that your system is in trouble and then swindle your money away.

Alfa Defender Pro also generates fake security notifications which makes you think that your system is really at risk. These notifications can be ignored just like the scan results by Alfa Defender Pro.

Please do not trust this badware under any circumstances. Get rid of Alfa Defender from your system with a reliable antispyware program.

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