An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Service virus


An Garda Siochana is another version of Police virus that seeks to swindle the money from users by making them believe that they have to pay a ‘fine’ for their illegal activity on the Internet. For example, it typically claims that you have been illegally watching/spreading copyrighted content or even distributing malware. Before that, your computer is completely locked down so that you can’t anything about it. As you know, An Garda Siochana is called the Ireland’s Notional Police Service which is an official security service. However, it has never been acting like that and locking computers in order to collect the fines. Be sure that this An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Service alert is completely fake and I highly recommend to remove this ransomware from your PC without any delay.

Just like many other viruses, An Garda Siochana virus is spread by trojans. As soon as they enter the system, they download all the files of this ransomware and additionally set it to lock the system down. User is additionally welcomed by a huge alert saying that PC is locked down because of some law violation, like watching banned websites, viewing copied content or spreading malware. In addition, user is asked to pay a fine through Ukash payment system. However, instead of falling for this misleading cmpaign and paying your money, I recommend to remove An Garda Siochana Ireland’s Notional Police Service virus.

Mostly, users infected with An Garda Siochana can’t launch anti-malware programs because they are disabled by this virus. However, following these steps can help you to unlock your computer:

  • Download and put SpyHunter to your USB flash drive by using another computer.
  • Reboot the infected computer, press F8 and choose safe mode with command prompt.
  • Find SpyHunter located in your USB drive, and launch it.
  • Restart your computer.
You can find more about An Garda Siochana virus here:

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