Another Ukash ransomware is revealed. It’s called IRMA virus.


IRMA virus (you can also find it named as Information Resources Management Association virus) may look like a real notification from the reputable association. In fact, I was also tricked for some seconds when I saw this ransomware on my PC’s desktop. However, after paying more attention to what it claims, I was sure that this is a dangerous virus, which belongs to the category of ransomware threats. Firstly, you must remember that such organizations as Information Resources Management Association do not lock computers down and ask to pay for unlocking them. Secondly, they do not track users and display alerts accusing for ‘viewing, storing and using of forbidden and pirate software, audio and video content’ and similar activity. If you see IRMA virus on your computer, you must remove this threat as soon as possible.

This threat is designed for USA and seeks to trick PC users living in this area. However, as I have already mentioned in my earlier posts, there are many other versions of this virus that use identical techniques to get the money from people all around the world. They are all based on a same trojan horse, which is activated as soon as you download infected files on your computer. Other way how you can get infected with IRMA virus is opening the attachments that are sent though spam emails. I highly recommend to ignore such emails because they always have some unexpected ‘present’ ┬áinside. Besides, you must remove IRMA virus as soon as possible because this is the only way how you can recover connection to your files and programs.

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