Anti-Virus 2011


Anti-Virus 2011 is a fake application which imitates a security tool and attempts to sell its program for less experienced computer users. The application displays tons of fake security messages and uses bogus scanners in order to convince you into purchasing a full version of Anti-Virus 2011.

At the very beginning of the infiltration Anti-Virus 2011 reaches your Windows Registry and makes some modifications there. This way it becomes the dominating component in the system. Without your will Anti-Virus 2011 runs a scanner and imitates system check for viruses. The scanner displays a bunch of infections and tells you to get rid of them by purchasing a full version of a program.

Moreover, your desktop will be flooded with pop up messages announcing about system infections and prompting to register your copy of Anti-Virus 2011 by purchasing its license.

Note that Anti-Virus 2011 is a scam application and nothing like a reputable security tool. Remove Anti-Virus 2011 if you noticed it on your computer as soon as you can.

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