Anti Virus Armor


Anti Virus Armor is a fake antispyware program that seeks to rip computer users off by selling its fake software. The program contains a fake scanner which is a typical mean used by rogue programs. The difference between AntiVirus Armor and other rogue programs is that usually the scanners of rogue programs are run for a very short time and the results displayed immediately. The scanner of Anti Virus Armor performs longer than usually.

Without any doubts the scanner displays some files that don’t even exist on the system and calls them infections. Moreover, it offers paying for a full version of Anti Virus Armor in order to remove infectious files.

Another thing you must know about Anti Virus Armor is that it causes computer slowdown and disturbs the system to perform any tasks. Besides, it is the reason of tons of pop up messages that show up on the desktop interrupting your computer activity.

Beware that Anti Virus Armor must be removed once detected on the system. Its elimination is the only way to stop this malicious activity and get your PC back to the normal state.

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