Anti-Virus is a fake program that was recently noticed among many other rogue anti-spyware programs. The program poses risk to many computer systems including yours if you don’t be attentive.

Traditionally, the program spreads with a help of Trojan viruses which are considered to be one of the best means for the infiltration. When the application gets the access to the system, AntiVirus imitates scanning your system for viruses and even displays lists of infections. Moreover, the program will generate security alerts warning about infections as well and recommending registering your AntiVirus. You should get rid of Anti-Virus as soon as possible instead of believing the information it says.

These irritating scanners will never end. The same can be said about security notifications which will be poping up regularly as well and give fabricated information making you think your system is badly infected.

Please do not hesitate to eliminate Anti-Virus from your system consulting manual removing instructions or using a reliable anti-spyware tool.

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