AntiAdd is a rogue application which attempts to swindle the money from unaware PC users. AntiAdd  tries to convince them that it is legitimate security software which is worth being installed into every computer. It seeks to make people think that its “full” version is also needed for increasing machine’s security and asks unaware PC users to buy it.

However, the truth is that AntiAdd is a rogue. This fake security tool uses Trojans for breaking into the system unrecognized and drops fake files with random names there. Once active, it loads phony system scans, fake security alerts and pop-up ads reporting about hundreds of malware found. Keep in mind that all these alerts are fabricated and all the alerted infections are invented by the same badware. AntiAdd is created by the same scammers who should be blamed for releasing such rogues as AntiAID or AntiMalware and belongs to dangerous Winisoft. It seeks only to make you think that your PC is infected and expects you to purchase its so called “licensed” variant. Save your money! It is highly advised to use a reputable anti-spyware instead and delete AntiAdd immediately.

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