AntiAID is rogue anti-spyware which you must delete from your computer right after its fake alerts appear on the computer’s desktop. This nasty piece of malware pretends to be a real program but in reality seeks only to scare you and grab your money. Anti AID comes from the huge WiniSoft family which is “famous” for releasing a great number of rogues that all look almost the same and use similar tactics. Anti-AID also acts mostly in the same order but uses a completely new graphical user interface (GUI), so be aware.
AntiAID distributes itself through fake online updates. After people are tricked that a new version of video codec is needed, they usually download Trojans instead. These parasites right after sneaking creates harmless files in the system that after a fake scan are detected by AntiAID as infections. Additionally, AntiAID loads misleading advertisements to make user scared that their PCs are in danger and undoubtedly offers to register ”licensed” version. Don’t fall into this fake story and imitated actions! AntiAID will never increase computer’s security and will make a machine to malfunction instead. The only way which you should choose is to get rid of this scam without wasting any minute. Use the removal guide written below and delete AntiAID.

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