AntiKeep (also Anti Keep) is a rogue application that spreads via Trojans viruses and secretly infects poorly protected systems. Anti Keep follows its initials AntiAdd, AntiAID and REAnti rogue antispywares and similarly to its clones seeks to trick and scare its victims. Finally, it offers to purchase its own registered version which is another application known to be useless and even dangerous. Ripping people off is the main aim why this scam was created, so there should be no questions if you should delete AntiKeep or not.

AntiKeep trends to act just like many other rogue anti-spyware programs. It completely floods you with pop-up ads, fake system scanners and infiltration alerts. AntiKeep also fabricates scanning results and informs its victims that their machines are in a great danger. You will get a message that only the registered version can help and later you will find yourself being redirected to the “official” website of AntiKeep. Don’t make a payment! Please avoid AntiKeep by removing it from your computer as soon as possible.

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