Antimalware Doctor


Antimalware Doctor is one more recently launched fake anti-spyware programs that use malware as a way to distribute itself. As soon as Antimalware Doctor gets into the system it is configured to start automatically when you reboot your computer. Then the program creates a real mess in your system.

First of all, Antimalware Doctor runs system scan. It creates an illusion that many infections have been detected and recommends removing them immediately. This should be ignored because actually Antimalware Doctor detects files that have been created by the same malware that infected your computer with Antimalware Doctor.

To make the situation look even worse, the program creates pop up ads and security warnings that claim your computer is subjected to hacker attack, somebody is trying to transfer your private data via internet and similar things.

Most importantly is not to fall for the tricks of Antimalware, no matter what it would try to prove you. It’s a fake application that only seeks to sell its license and earn money this way. However, it will not provide any services and only infect your system with more spyware infections. Get rid of Antimalware Doctor before it damages your system more and don’t pay for this scam application.

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