Antimalware PC Safety


Antimalware PC Safety is a fake antispyware program that spreads through Trojans and attempts to waste money of computer users. Antimwalre PC Safety imitates being an antispyware program. It actually doesn’t have any useful functions but only wants to rip you off. Antimalware PC Safety is a creation of computer hackers so you shouldn’t trust it under any circumstances.

As soon as the program gets inside, it pretends looking for infections by running a system scan. The scanner reports about tons of infections detected on your system which poses risk to your private information and may damage your computer. Antimalware PC Safety offers purchasing its license, activating the program and then it says that the program will be able to remove all malicious files. In reality, Antimalware PC Safety uses this trick to get your money, but in fact it’s not able to detect or remove anything. The files that it displays as infections either don’t exist on your computer or they are legitimate.

Moreover, Antimalware PC Safety displays tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads. Ignore them without any doubts. It’s just another method to convince you into purchasing Antimalware PC Safety. Actually none of these messages say any real information.

Please remove Antimalware PC Safety from your system as soon as you detect this badware on your system. If you have made a payment, hurry up to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Do not voluntarily pay for computer hackers. They will never want any good to you and your system!

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