Antimalware Tool


Antimalware Tool is a fake security tool that infects computers through Trojans in order to rip computer users off. Antimalware Tool works just like most of rogue antispyware programs and especially reminds of Security Defender. It not only borrowed its graphical user interface but also behaves exactly the same way.

The program imitates being an antispyware program. It appears on the system out of nowhere and starts scanning it without you asking to do so. Antimalware Tool tells to detect tons of infections on your system and requires purchasing its license so that infections were removed. However, you shouldn’t act this way as Antimalware Tool reports about infections that don’t even exist on your computer and even its full version won’t be able to detect anything.

Antimalware Tool also causes tons of fake security notifications on your system which state that some spyware infections attempt to steal your passwords and similar things. The program will do anything in order to scare you and make you think there’s something wrong on your system.

Please get rid of Antimalware Tool as soon as you detect it on your computer.

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