by is a malicious website that must be avoided as it promotes AV Security Suite rogue antispyware program. AV Security Suite breaks into the system without users consent and imitates functions of security tool. The main goal of this scam application is to convince computer owner into purchasing its license. For this purpose AV Security Suite uses tons of different methods. One of them is redirecting to website.

Usually you will be rerouted to this page after clicking on some alerts generated by AV Security Suite. It is also very likely that your Internet browser will be hijacked and instead of opening the page you request, it will get you into website.

The site describes the basic functions of AV Security Suite, explains its advantages. Basically, just tells how great the program is. Finally, you are offered to make a payment for its license so that you could use the program at its full functions.

Do not trust website or AV Security Suite program. They were created by cyber criminals who don’t have any other purpose just to gain your money. Remove AV Security Suite and it’s hijacker as soon as you find it on your computer.


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