by is a browser hijacker, one of the best examples how rogue anti-spywares, Antivirus Action in this case, distribute themselves. Firstly, unnoticeably for the user and most of security programs reaches computer through the use of Trojans Not only they install this hijacker, but also make the right modifications for enabling to start its activity. All the additional actions will be dedicated to make users purchase Antivirus Action which in reality is nothing but scam.

After certain computer’s functions are disabled, web browser starts operating in a non-standard way. That means that starts continuous redirections to this corrupted and malicious website where people usually will be offered to check their computers. However, these scanners and alerts are fake, foolishly claiming that machine is infected and then offering to get a “professional” utility Antivirus Action. Eventually, users will see that after being installed Antivirus Action will start acting up on their computers additionally. Now it will require paying some money ($49.95, $59.95 or $69.95) for its registered version which is promised to remove everything from the PC. You definitely should avoid site and Antivirus Action at all costs. Otherwise you will start facing annoying virus infiltrations and privacy problems.

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