by is a malicious domain used by cyber criminals that invented Antivir Solution Pro application. Those who are not aware of this malicious program should know that it’s a rogue antivirus program that imitates the functions of security tool but in fact wants to steal some of your money. Antivir Solution Pro tries to convince computer users to buy its full version by promising to fix all existing infections and then provide protection in future. is a website where you can be redirected while trying to reach some other Internet page or after displaying scan results, security notification, etc. Then you are expected to make a payment for Antivir Solution Pro there. The website gives a bunch of advantages of the program as a security tool. It claims that Antivir Solution Pro is able to get rid of all kinds of infections and protect from any infections that may appear in future.

Do not trust this website or Antivir Solution Pro under any circumstances. If you have noticed its activity on your computer, make sure to remove Antivir Solution Pro as soon as you can. You should also scan your computer with a reputable antispyware program for additional infections.


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