AntiSpyPro is a fake anti spyware, it doesn’t work but it urges to pay for its non-existent services. AntiSpyPro is dropped by various trojans like Zlob. Any ‘security tool’ installed by computer parasites shouldn’t be trusted.
AntiSpyPro generates large amounts of fabricated security warnings. This malware also pretends to run a scan on a computer. Scan reports displayed by AntiSpyPro are falsified; it’s just a measure to convince a user that a system is badly infected. After AntiSpyPro displays security notifications a user is prompted to buy full version of this tool, to remove the imaginary infections. Do not purchase AntiSpyPro! Both versions of it are useless.
If your computer is infected with this threat, use AntiSpyPro removal or download anti spyware and run a scan.

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