AntiSpyware Pro XP


AntiSpyware Pro XP uses misleading advertisements and intimidating tactics to make people purchase a copy of this software. Unfortunately, not only it’s not a real anti-spyware but also it is harmful. AntiSpywarePro XP is a scam. This means that creators of this application take your money but you don’t get what you’ve paid for.

Sometimes people are tricked into downloading AntiSpywareProXP, but it is installed by trojans more usually. The strategy of this fraud is simple: it offers removing malware infections from a computer after user buys full version of the software. The infection reports are falsified, the full version does not exist, but the company will take your money anyway. Do not trust AntiSpyware Pro XP and delete it with no hesitation. Use AntiSpyware Pro XP removal to deal with this malware.

One Response to “AntiSpyware Pro XP”

  1. Peter Brown says:

    Your scan keeps popping up on my computer unsolicited. I can’t stop it
    please get your crap off my computer. you have no right to invade my privacy