AntiSpyware Shield Pro


AntiSpyware Shiled Pro is a fake antispyware that you can download unwillingly because it spreads with a help of Trojans. Once you get infected by Antispyware Shield Pro Trojan the program will start automatically when you boot your computer. It will start a computer scan and alert about infections on your PC. AntiSpyware Shield Pro scanner will suggest fixing the threats only if you purchase its full version. You must know that it’s only a scam, so don’t fall for this trick.

The threats detected by AntiSpyware Shield Pro are falsified and doesn’t harm your computer. They are only created to scare you and force you to go to the website of AntiSpyware Shield Pro to make a payment for a full program. Please do not pay for this program as you will only lose your money.

While you have Antispyware Shield Pro on your system it will also attack you with system security notifications. Keep in mind that they are also fake and is only a part of the game AntiSpyware Shield Pro is playing with you.

Please remove AntiSpyware Shield Pro immediately and don’t be a victim of its creators. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges in case you are one of those who have already purchased this application.

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