Antispyware Soft


Antispyware Soft is a fake spyware remover that is based on Trojan viruses that participate in the process of infiltration of this malicious software. Once inside, Antispyware Soft changes some files in your Registry.

As a consequence you will be receiving tons of pop up messages reporting about system infections and offering to purchase Antispyware Soft in order to ensure protection to your system. Besides, the program uses a fake scanner that imitates system check for viruses. In this way computer users start thinking that Antispyware Soft is a real security tool and even purchase its license. According to the program, purchasing a license of a program becomes crucial in order to make Antispyware Soft function at its best.

Please do not trust this information. Antispyware Soft is only trying to trick you and gives false notifications in order to make you pay for a program. The application will also hijack your Internet browser in order to redirect you to websites promoting Antispyware Soft where you can make a payment for a program as well.

Do your best in order to eliminate Antispyware Soft after noticing its first signs on your system. If you have already made a payment for a program, call your bank and dispute the charges without any hesitations. It is definitely not a program you expect to have on your computer.

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