Antispyware Vista


Antispyware Vista is a rogue antispyware application that is promoted with a help of Trojans. It’s a fake spyware remover which was created in order to make computer users purchase it. The program works to convince your system is badly infected and then recommends Antispyware Vista program to fix the detections.

As I already mentioned, the program spreads through Trojan viruses so it enters the system without any notification or asking permission of the user. Then the program adds some entries in your Windows Registry which causes plenty of pop ups generated オンライン カジノ on your desktop while you are running any other program.

Antispyware Vista also uses a scanning function, which is the main mean used to prove computer user it’s a security tool. The scanner is loaded after each computer reboot and every time it displays a bunch of infections. The scan results are followed by a suggestion to purchase Antispyware Vista in order to get rid of the infected files.

Do not pay for this scam application as you will only lose your money. Get rid of  Antispyware Vista as soon as you notice it on your computer with a reputable anti-spyware program.

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