Antispyware XP


Antispyware XP is one of the rogue anti-spyware programs that spread on computer systems hiding under different denominations depending on the Operating System the targeted computer is running. The program is distributed the same way as most of the rogue anti-spyware programs as well – through Trojan viruses.

The whole process of the infiltration is done unnoticeably but once Antispyware XP is inside, it becomes impossible to work on your computer at all. Extremely irritating thing is tons of pop up ads and security notifications warning about infections that don’t even exist on your system. Besides, each time when you restart your computer you will get your system scanned by a fake scanner of Antispyware XP. So actually you will see how the program is imitating a function of a scanner. In the end, you will see a list of imaginary infections and get an offer to purchase a full version of Antispyware XP in order to clean your system from infections. If you fall for this trick, the plan of cyber criminals will succeed and they will earn some money from you.

Additionally, Antispyware XP will hijack your Internet browser so that when you try to reach specific Internet site you will receive bogus alerts reporting that your browser has been infected or similar things.

To sum up, you must remove Antispyware XP once you notice it on your system. Do not trust any messages related to Antispyware XP and never pay for this scam application.

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