Antivir 2010


Antivir 2010 is another dangerous application, rogue anti-spyware that looks for financial benefit from computer users. The program spreads imitating a system scanner online, also through scam domains that advertise Antivir 2010 as free software protecting against spyware infections.

Once inside Antivir 2010 ads some entries in your Register and takes control of your computer’s activity so that the malicious executables of Antivir 2010 is run after each computer reboot. As a result, you are flooded with hundreds of pop ups no matter which program you are running. All of the notifications alert that you have been attacked by dangerous spyware or Trojan viruses. Antivir 2010 also uses its scanner that announce about some serious parasites damaging your system, as well. Each notification will be followed by recommendation to get a full version of Antivir 2010. The program promises to remove the infections that have been detected by the scanner of Antivir 2010 and to protect against further detections.

That’s, however, a lie. Antivir 2010 is not a legitimate program and it has no ability to remove any parasites. Make sure to remove Antivir 2010 before it does more damage to your computer.

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