AntiVira Av


AntiVira Av is a rogue antispyware program that is a clone of infamous Antivirus. NET. The program is installed to the computer through Trojan viruses and once inside is configured to start automatically when computer starts.

First of all, AntiVira Av scans your system for infections and reports about a bunch of infected files. To remove them, it offers purchasing a license of AntiVira AV and activating the program. It states that there is only this option in order to clean your system from infections.

The truth is that AntiVira Av displays fake scan results. In fact, your system can be absolutely clear but it will still state to find the same threats. The files that are listed in the scan results are either your legitimate programs or they don’t exist at all. The program only wants you to believe your system is infected and make you purchase AntiVira Av this way getting your money.

Moreover, AntiVira Av causes tons of fake security notifications and pop up ads which state false information just like the scanner of AnitVira Av. Some of them state that some critical system files of your computer were modified by a malicious program or spyware attempts to steal passwords In order to block unauthorized modification and remove threats, they recommend purchasing AntiVira Av program.

However, you should know that it will not help you to improve your computer protection. AntiVira Av is only expecting to gain some money by forcing you into purchasing its program. If you have noticed any signs of AntiVira Av existence on your system, please get a reputable antispyware program and remove it as soon as possible. You can also get rid of AntiVira Av manually using removal guide of this malicious program provided by reputable security experts.

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