Antivirus 2009


Antivirus 2009 is a successor of another rogue security tool named Antivirus2008. Just like its forerunner Antivirus 2009 is a corrupt program and a part of a scam. The “demo version” of Antivirus2009 is a malware; it is downloaded onto computer by trojans. The trojans get on a machine when user visits pirated software websites, adult pages and similar web content. Antivirus 2009 presents itself as trial version of antivirus and urges to get a paid version in order to remove threats. The scheme is fraudulent: Antivirus 2009 "detects" plenty of infections but all of the reported viruses are made up.

Do not trust Antivirus 2009! Delete this scam without hesitation. Use manual Antivirus 2009 removal to deal with this infection.

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