Antivirus 2010


Antivirus 2010 is another rogue anti-virus. It is a clone of Antivirus 2008 and Antivirus 2009, but this version is much more dangerous than its previous variants.

Antivirus 2010 uses many misleading and fraudulent ways to push people into buying a copy of nonexistent full version. Antivirus2010 is presented as reputable security tool. It offers free system scanner and requires paying $80 for removing detected threats. This scheme is fraudulent is several ways: free version is a malware, not anti-virus; it fabricates scan results and the full version doesn’t exist at all. Antivirus 2010 is simply another scam, but it has one feature that makes it different from similar online frauds. Once installed, Antivirus2010 is able to crash a computer and change the message on Blue Screen of Death to the one that promotes Antivirus 2010. Inexperienced users may think that Windows recommend using this fraudulent program. Do not trust messages and alerts loaded by this application! Remove Antivirus 2010 right after it appears on a machine.

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