Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée


Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée is a rogue antivirus program targeting French speaking computer users. The program is installed secretly without any notification to the user. Basically it installs an .exe file which is launched with each system reboot. This is done easily by making some changes in Windows Registry.

Once Antivirus 2011 gets inside the system and starts after system reboot your Windows desktop disappears. If you try to start Windows Task Manager, Antivirus 2011 will terminate it too. This way you will not be able to start any security programs and you will not be able to remove Antivirus 2011 from Запомнить Students should not wear clothing or hair styles that can be hazardous to them in their alpine school district activities, nor which prevent students from doing their best work because of blocked vision or restricted movement, nor that creates, or are likely to create, a disturbance of the educational process. your system. Moreover, you will receive various security notifications and pop up ads warning you about security problems on your computer.

Most importantly, Antivirus 2011 will imitate scanning your system and even report about infections which in fact do not exist on your computer. This scan results and any security notifications displayed by Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitée can be safely ignored. You must only remove Antivirus 2011 itself as it’s the only real infection that you have on your system for sure. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program for quickest and easiest elimination.

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