Antivirus 7


Antivirus 7 is a rogue anti-spyware that comes from the same family as infamous Antivir fake security tool. Most probably you will not notice when Antivirus 7 will infect your system as it uses malicious social engineering for this purpose. However, once it gets inside, you will feel the dangerous activity of this threat.

When Antivirus 7 is running on your system, it will constantly display various security notifications announcing about infections detected on your system. The program also always fabricates system scanners. They simulate looking for infections but in reality displays imaginary threats. Don’t waste your time trying to get rid of them. Antivirus 7 is a scam application created to swindle your money.

Besides, Antivirus 7 hijacks your Internet online casino canada browser and you will not be able to reach any websites but constantly be redirected to the websites containing scanners online. These scanners will also report tons of infections that actually don’t even exist.

Every step made by Antivirus 7 has the intention to make you purchase this fake program. Please ignore it and get rid of Antivirus 7 as soon as you notice it on your computer.

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