Antivirus 8 Resident Shield


Antivirus 8 Resident Shield is an alert caused by Antivirus 8 rogue antispyware program. First of all, let’s briefly talk about Antivirus 8 program, how it infiltrates into the system and what damages it can cause. Basically, Antivirus 8 can enter any random computer system and it is installed there with a help of a Trojan virus. Once there the program is configured to start automatically. Then it runs its fake system scanner and displays tons of fake security notifications. One of them is named Antivirus 8 Resident Shield.

The alert states that there was a virus detected on your system and it recommends clicking the “Remove All” button in order to heal all infected files and protect your system. You must know that this alert is absolutely fake and doesn’t say any real situation of your system.

If it happened to you to receive this kind of warning or any other security message mentioning Antivirus8 as a security program you must immediately consider removing this badware program your computer. Use a reputable antispyware program or remove Antivirus8 manually consulting a removal instructions provided by reputable security experts.


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