Antivirus Action


Antivirus Action is a fake antispyware program that is created by cyber criminals in order to rip ordinary computer users off. The program is installed through system vulnerabilities without slightest knowledge of a user. During the infiltration process the program is also configured to start automatically when computer boots.

Antivirus Action uses its fake scanner each time you log in to Windows. The program doesn’t ask your permission, but simply loads the scanner and imitates looking for infections. After a while, the program displays a list of infections and recommends removing them by purchasing a full version of Antivirus Action. According to the program, it’s the only way to get rid of infections and if you don’t do anything about them, your private information might be lost.

In addition to fake scanners, Antivirus Action causes tons of fake pop up ads and security notifications that claim that your system is full of infections. These messages offer you activating Antivirus Action in order solve all security problems that your computer contains.

Do not trust any messages mentioning Antivirus Action as a legitimate security tool. It’s not a program worth trusting. Remove Antivirus Action as soon as you notice it on your system.

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