Antivirus Clean 2011


Antivirus Clean 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that was again designed by computer hackers to rip ordinary computer users off. The program spreads using Trojan viruses. Once inside it is configured to start automatically when computer is restarted. From that time on Antivirus Clean 2011 is run each time you use your computer.

The program pretends looking for infections so it imitates running a system scan. Unfortunately, once the scan is done, Antivirus Clean 2011 is not able to display any infections so it shows a list of files that don’t even exist or they are your legitimate programs. Anyway, it’s quite a big challenge for an ordinary computer user to tell if the file sis infected just looking at its name.

Additionally, Antivirus Clean 2011 generates tons of pop up messages and security notifications which also warn that your computer is under attack of spyware and recommends purchasing a full version of Antivirus Clean 2011 in order to remove all infections.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you should remove Antivirus Clean 2011 itself if you want to fix the situation. Security experts recommend using a reputable antispyware program for complete elimination of Antivirus Clean 2011.

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