AntiVirus Demo


Though the program AntiVirus Demo is promoted as the only good protection tool for your computer, don’t fall into taking it serious. In truth, AntiVirus Demo (also can be called AntiVirus or AntiVirus Agent) is a rogue anti-spyware which only pretends to have abilities to find viruses and remove them from the system. According to the tactics and appearance used by this application, it can be also described as unprofessionally done spyware’s remover. It seeks to swindle the money from trustful PC users, so don’t even think about purchasing its offered “registered” version!

AntiVirusDemo applies misleading techniques trying to convince computer users that their PCs are infected. It appears on the desktop with its bogus pop-up alerts claiming the threat detected. Computer online casino having AntiVirus Demo on board may also get fake system scanners and notifications that all should scare users into thinking that they need a good tool to stay protected. As a way to remove absolutely fake threats, AntiVirus Agent will suggest to get its licensed version which demands paying 5 dollars. Don’t pay anything and remove AntiVirus Demo instead! Having a useless application that consumes your CPU will be the only result , so have no doubt and delete AntiVirus Demo as soon as you detect it.

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