Antivirus GT


Antivirus GT is a fake security tool, a clone of infamous Antivirus 7, which uses Trojan viruses and enters computer systems through system vulnerabilities. As soon as it enters the system, Antivirus GT imitates all functions of antispyware program.

It automatically runs system scanner which pretends to look for viruses and other kinds of infections. Once you attempt to remove these files, Antivirus GT redirects to its official website where it asks to register a program by purchasing its license. Do not trust this information! Antivirus GT only wants to gain money from you, but it will not give anything it promises.

In addition to a fake scanner, Antivirus GT will bombard your desktop with fake pop up ads and security notifications. They will threaten about some spyware infections and promote Antivirus GT as a tool to fix your security issues.  You will also constantly experience redirections while trying to visite some Internet pages. Instead of reaching any of the website you request for, you will be rerouted to the official website of Antivirus GT. This website is going to brainwash you claiming that Antivirus GT is one of the best security products, etc.

You must remove Antivirus GT as soon as possible. If you have made a payment for it immediatelly contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.


One Response to “Antivirus GT”

  1. Arnold Parlee says:

    Antivirusgt arrived on my computer this morning but it appears I was able to remove it. However, IExplorer has been “blocked” so it must have been messing around in there. Thanks for your good information.