Antivirus IS


Antivirus IS is a fraudulent security application that is attempting to deceive computer users into thinking their systems are infected in order to gain some easy money. It uses very common methods to all rogue programs to infiltrate and act on the system. It is practically imposable to notice Antivirus IS at the stage of infiltration. The program tends to use backdoor techniques and can only be recognized when it is already inside.

Antivirus IS generates lots of fake pop up messages and security notifications that warn about system infections. These messages later redirect you to the website of Antivirus IS where you are offered to purchase this program as a legitimate antispyware tool that would help you to solve all security problems that exist on your system and prevent from other soyware attacks.

Another thing that should be also mentioned as it is probably even more annoying than fake security notifications is that while AntivirusIS is running on your system, it makes your computer function extremely slowly.

Keep in mind that Antivirus IS is a rogue antispyware program that has nothing related to a real security application. Do not pay for it under any circumstances. Once you notice its activity on your system you should remove Antivirus IS immediately.

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