Antivirus Live


Antivirus Live is a rogue antispyware program. Software pretends to be a reputable security tool though it is a dangerous computer parasite, hailing from famous Antivirus System Pro. Antivirus Live usually comes unexpectedly through the help of trojans that use fake online malware scanners for the distribution. Once installed, these trojans download all the data useful for Antivirus Live and also create lots of harmless files with random names in Windows and Windows\System32 folders.

All this is done with the only reason – to trick you into purchasing so-called “full” version of the software. Antivirus Live imitates scanning the system for viruses and after the scan announces its fake files as infections detected. Also this badware shows fake Windows Security Center alerts, nag screens and fake security notifications from Windows task bar to make people scared and convince them to purchase the “full” version of the program.

It’s important to notice that all of these infections are harmless. Antivirus Live is incapable to detect any computer threat, so you can safely ignore all what this program reports. The only thing what you should really do is to remove this rogue anti-spyware from your computer. Delete Antivirus Live from your computer as soon as you notice its fake security alerts and notifications.


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