Antivirus PC 2009


Antivirus PC 2009 is a dangerous rouge antivirus program. It may penetrate into your system without permission or notification. If you constantly see security warnings stating that you are sending personal information to a remote locate or that your computer is under a risk, you might be infected by Antivirus PC 2009. In that case, find out the removal guide to Antivirus PC 2009 and get rid of it as soon as possible.

How does Antivirus PC 2009 work? It spreads through malware and once installed is configured to start when you login to Windows. Then it creates fake malware files, imitates system scan and recognizes those files as infections. The program asks for registration that you have to pay for in order to fix potential problems. Unfortunately if you do so they’ll get your payment, but it won’t bring any benefit for you.

Be careful about this application and remove Antivirus PC 2009 right after you notice that you have been infected.

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