Antivirus PC 2010


Antivirus PC 2010 is a fake anti-spyware program which deteriorates your computer functions and makes you believe your system is badly infected with spyware infections. Antivirus PC 2010 uses many different ways including triggering fake scanner and fake security notifications to convince your system contains threats which need to be dealt quickly.

The scanners of Antivirus PC 2010 list plenty of parasites hoping you will trust this information and try to eliminate them. In fact, these parasites don’t exist on your system. Anyway, many computer users take this trick for granted. In this case, Antivirus PC 2010 doesn’t even need lots of efforts to convince them into purchasing a license of a program. Earning money is the main goal of this fake program.

Antivirus PC 2010 can also affect your system when you will try to browse the Internet. Usually you will receive a warning claiming that your system is infected and get a recommendation to purchase Antivirus PC 2010 program to ensure protection of your system. Besides, you will constantly be redirected to malicious websites where you can pay for Antivirus PC 2010.

Ignore any warnings and instead delete Antivirus PC 2010 from your computer. Otherwise, everything will be repeated again and again and your system will become more vulnerable to the attacks of other spyware infections.

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