Antivirus Pro


Antivirus Pro is a rogue antispyware program that is distributed to computer systems through Trojan viruses in order to create an illusion your computer is infected and later on swindle your money away. As soon as the application gets inside, the program is configured to stat automatically when computer boots up. This happens because of the changes made in the Windows Registry. Antivirus Pro basically invades your system and you have nowhere to run away.

The program loads a scanner and performs actions of security tool. It means that the program runs system scanner and pretends to look for infections while it has no ability to detect anything. Anyway the program states to detect a bunch of infections and recommends removing them with a full version of Antivirus Pro. The reason of this is because the program expects to receive money from computer users by selling something completely useless.

Please remove Antivirus Pro as soon as possible if you became a victim of its creators. Do not trust this badware under any circumstances. If you have done it under any condition, hurry up to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges if possible.

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