Antivirus Pro


Antivirus Pro is a rogue anti-spyware application which is configured to run every time Windows starts. Antivirus Pro is mostly installed without any user’s permission and just after sneaking in it does not allow you to run any security program. All the security programs are enabled with only one reason – to protect Antivirus Pro badware from being deleted. When installed, Antivirus Pro automatically scans the computer for spyware. A great list of various infections is presented for the PC users trying to make them scared. Moreover, this malware states that almost every program you try to execute is an infection and does not allow people to run them. Users are usually informed that only after purchasing the “full” version all these parasites will be removed from their PCs. Additionally, they are redirected straight away to the official website to make a payment. It goes without saying that Antivirus Pro is a scam which was created by scammers to increase their profit. All its security notifications are fake and only its immediate removal can help. Don’t waste your time and remove Antivirus Pro before it damages your PC.

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