Antivirus Protection


Antivirus Protection is a fake security tool, usually installed through the use of the bogus Video ActiveX Object which is known to be Trojan_Downloader by its technical essence. Other programs which are also famous for being propagated and installed via the same method are System Security 2009 and Malware Doctor. Antivirus Protection software is created to look like reputable and profitable tool for the user and is created to protect the system against malicious programs. This design is an illusion for the user and the way Antivirus Protection works is quite different. Firstly, malware infiltrates itself on your computer, after that it configures the system to issue misleading ads stating that the PC is being attacked by viruses. You are informed about Antivirus Protection which is needed to be installed at the end. Antivirus Protection tries to get you believing you need its paid product to defend your PC and secure your cyber-routine. Don’t get into mess because all statements are false and remove Antivirus Protection as soon as it was detected on your PC.

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