Antivirus Protection 2012

Antivirus Protection 2012 is a rogue antivirus program which imitates functions of a real antivirus program but in fact it is a completely useless program.
What you must know about Antivirus Protection 2012 rogue program is that only wants you to make a payment for it in order to receive your money. Unfortunately, the program is not going to provide any services it promises to provide. Though it states to remove all existing infections and protect the system in the future it doesn’t have this function.
Antivirus Protection 2012 only imitates performing system scan but doesn’t look for the actual threats. When the scan finishes, the program generates a list of supposedly detected threats and reports them to be dangerous for your system. Basically, it attempts to create an illusion, your system is at risk and needs to get antispyware program. Even if your system is completely clear the program will report the same infections supposedly detected on your computer. However, the only real infection that exists is Antivirus Protection 2012 itself.
Additionally to fake system scanner, the program displays fake security alerts and pop up ads that says nothing but truth. These messages again attempts to prove you your system is badly infected and then avertise Antivirus Protection 2012 as a program that could fix it.
Remove Antivirus Protection 2012 as soon as possible with a reputable antispyware program. In case you have already made a payment for AntiSpySafeguard do not hesitate to contact your bank and dispute the charges.
Here is the Video removal tutorial of this parasite

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